Philadelphia Daycare / Foster Care Negligence Lawyers

Entrusting your child under another’s supervision comes with expectations that the child will be safe while in their care. You have a right to expect that a daycare or foster home will have your child’s best interests in mind, minimizing any risks they may be exposed to and treating your child as if he or she were their own. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

According to Census Bureau data, a third of young children, or 6.7 million, receive care from a nonrelative on a regular basis, including 4.8 million children who attend an organized preschool or daycare facility. Additionally, over 400,000 children are in some type of foster care arrangement in the United States.

Daycare facilities, foster homes and foster care agencies are licensed by the state Department of Human Services. They have strict guidelines, rules and regulations which those facilities are required to follow, such as child to staff ratios, safety standards and background checks. These rules are designed to assess the suitability of the caregivers and to provide a safe home for children placed in their care.

Unfortunately, daycare injuries do occur and often times the child is unable to give a good account of what occurred. When a daycare facility cuts corners, does not comply with the rules and regulations and a child is injured the daycare facility can be held legally liable for the harm.

While most foster parents are loving, generous people who should be commended for the social service they provide, a small percentage abuse, mistreat, neglect or mishandle their foster children. When that happens, the foster child, through a parent or legal guardian, can sue the foster parents for physical, mental or emotional injuries they suffer.

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