Philadelphia Escalator and Elevator Accident Lawyers

Elevators and escalators are complex machines with many moving parts that require proper installation and careful periodic upkeep. This powerful equipment can be extremely dangerous if improperly installed or poorly maintained.

Elevator and escalator accidents can cause serious injuries or even death, so it is critical that property owners ensure they are well maintained and are safe for customers, visitors and employees.

In Pennsylvania, property owners are responsible for any injuries caused by faulty equipment or unsafe conditions that cause injury. Elevators and escalators are considered “common carriers” like a bus or a taxicab, and the owners must exercise the highest duty of care to make sure people on that equipment are not injured.

Businesses, municipalities and other property-owning organizations that use elevators and escalators are required to keep these machines in safe working condition. If their negligence causes an injury, the victim may be legally entitled to financial compensation.

Elevator accidents typically involve: falls into shafts; being caught between or struck by malfunctioning doors; unbalanced leveling with the floor that creates a tripping hazard or passengers being injured in the cab during an abrupt stop or free-fall.

Escalator accidents typically involve: broken or missing comb plates or foot brushes; handrail speed issues; gaps and spaces in the steps; clothing entrapments and sudden stops.

Our office has successfully pursued many elevator and escalator cases. We have the resources and experience to investigate the accident to determine if you have a viable claim. We also work with experts in the field to determine how the accident occurred and how it could have been avoided.

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