Philadelphia Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common reason people retain the services of a personal injury lawyer. According to government statistics, more than 3 million people in the U.S. are injured in car accidents every year and in 2019 an estimated 38,800 people lost their lives in car crashes.

With so many vehicles on the road, it may seem that accidents are unavoidable. In reality, almost every car accident is preventable. The “rules of the road” are designed to protect the public from injury and if everyone followed them, accidents wouldn’t happen.

Every time a driver gets behind the wheel, they owe a duty of care to other roadway users. They are required to pay attention and obeying the traffic laws. Breaking these duties, resulting in a car accident, is legal negligence.

Car accidents occur within split seconds. In the hands of a careless driver, a motor vehicle becomes a two-ton deadly weapon that can ruin lives. Drunk, distracted, inattentive and careless drivers cause most of these crashes.

After an accident, victims often have questions. They may not know who is at fault or who will pay for damages to their vehicle or hefty medical bills. With any car accident, it is important to speak to someone knowledgeable about traffic laws and your rights.

We know that being injured in a car accident, regardless of the severity, causes anxiety, difficulties, and challenges- insurance paperwork, telephone calls from insurance adjusters, doctor’s visits, bills, absences from work or school, pain and disability. It is easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed in the face of having to deal with a car insurance accident claim.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, we can help. Contact our office today for a free case evaluation and to review your legal options.